quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012


the day of the incident was traveling on his motorbike towards Praia Grande Sao Vicente, Highway Padre Manoel da Nobrega, when at the time of the Vila Ema, a car rammed into the back of the motorcycle that drove the declarant. In the back of his motorcycle came to his fiancee Natasha. Upon impact the two were ground. His fiancee first hit the windshield of the car and then went to the ground. The driver of the car said nothing. already left the car running, fleeing toward the neighborhood. This man is lying in claiming that it was seriously assaulted by the declarant, for soon after the accident the declarant only thought of reviving his bride because she was unconscious automatically. She was buried yesterday, and consists in the exams that she had five fractures of the skull showing the violence of the impact. The declarant was accompanied by his friend Rivaldo who was on another motorcycle and also stopped to help Natasha. The declarant your friend just thought of Natasha succor and not hit the driver of the car. What moments later three ambulances arrived on the scene and rescued for the Emergency Room of Stillness in Praia Grande. As Natasha was brain dead, her organs were donated. You want to see the offender prosecuted.

(Testimony provided to the Scribe: Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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