segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011


of the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

Read a report I wrote in a police call

To be called via radio to meet the occurrence of traffic accident on Highway Padre Manoel da Nobrega. Upon arriving at the site found two vehicles that crashed head-on at the time of the Flags Park. That the parties were still in place, the victims being rescued by the Samu ambulance, one for Cubatão, and other first responders to the Hospital de S Vicente. The driver of the Palio died, and found that it was seeking justice. That there were rumors that the driver of the Palio, Robson, seeing a police car, was scared and entry counter to the highway, coming to knock on a Tucson. The vehicles were seized and sent to the police station.


The lack of strict laws end up encouraging people to commit crimes because they know they have soft feathers. Brazil is a paradise for criminals. Democracy has been misinterpreted and has become synonymous with permission for the crime. People know that if they kill someone for manslaughter in the direction of the vehicle, they will not be arrested. Contrary to what the Bible calls, where in God's law given to Moses, the manslaughter was treated with penalties similar to those felonies. (Text of the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

Under an occurrence that recorded in police duty

Present military police officer identified above, stating that it was triggered via radio to address the occurrence of traffic accidents. Once there, the victim had already been bailed out to the City Hospital. In contact with the driver of the car, a Gol, said that even driving the vehicle on Bridge Esplanada dos Barreiros and exit the runway, lost control of his vehicle and entered the oncoming lane, Angelina Pretty Av, which is against hand, and collided head-on with a motorcycle driven by the victim. Upon impact, the motorcycle caught fire. The car driver was uninjured, was not enabled, and injunctive relief underwent test dosing alcohol. While the vehicles were seized and the garrison of the Military Police went to the hospital, there was found that the victim died due to multiple fractures. Nothing more.