quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012


BY: Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes


                                   The Gift police investigation was initiated by ordinance to establish traffic accident with fatality, as shown in the records that on June 8, 2011, at 7h00min Highway Padre Manoel da Nobrega, km 260 +400 in Humaitá in this metropolis, Robson Garcia da Cunha was driving the vehicle Palio plate EVI 2640/Santos   against the tide when the Highway collided head-on with the vehicle Tucson GL plates DYB 0358 led by Pedro Correia de Oliveira. With the accident Robson da Cunha died.
                                 The vehicle was impounded Palio (fls 15) and returned to proprietaria Margarete (fls 17). Margaret Robson was informed that his brother was a fugitive from justice and lived for five months at home, and on the facts of the car without his consent (fls 19). Vernon, husband of Margaret, testified to the same effect and said Wesley, who also was in the car with Robson would have informed him that the police had given orders to stop and Robson undertook this flight, entering the highway the wrong way causing the crash that killed him (fls 20).
                                   Award of autopsies 314/11 of Robson (fls 22). Report of examination of corpus delicti 17.052/11, of Milton Antonio Marcello, who was in the company of Peter in Tucson Car (fls 24). 6.207/11 the IC report that shows the damage the vehicle Palio (pgs 26-29). 6.144/11 damage award points in Tucson (pgs 30-35). Auto Recognition of Cadaverous Robson (fls 36). The passenger Wesley had no criminal record (pgs 38-39), but Robson was indeed Searched Justice (pgs 40-79). BOPM (pgs 87-91).
                          Vital policeman was heard (fls 92). Antonio who was passenger in Tucson was heard (fls 93). Peter who ran the Tucson was heard (fls 94). Wesley did not seek medical help (fls 4, 99, and 101). Robson was drugged and drunk (fls 102). Maria de Lourdes, mother of Robson was heard (fls 110). As Wesley was not found, his mother provided clarifications (fls 122).

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