quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012


Testimony given before the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes:

That the deponent is the mother of Diego Girolamo, and that on December 23, 2012 Diego left the Vila Margarida and headed towards the waterfall Samaritá, it turns out he was driving the motorcycle at speed, it was bike-boy and to enter the curve at high speed, lost control of the motorcycle and crashed violently against the post. The accident was witnessed by Bob who also semitruck by location in another motorcycle, behind Diego and witnessed the accident. Which according to Bob Diego semitruck about 120km/hs, why could not make the turn. That the child is thought the pilot, and even being repeatedly warned by the deponent, was proud to ride motorcycle. That the deponent appeared soon after the crash site, told by friends Diego and saw the blood by putting ear, nose and mouth.

That witness was a friend of Diego and the day of the fatal accident, the witness semitruck with his motorcycle behind the motorcycle Diego and watched as he tried to speed on the curve that is in the John Paul Avenue, but lost control of the motorcycle hit tab and Diego was thrown on the lawn of the median, your body was designed for the street light hitting the ribs and then the head, cracking his helmet. Diego was killed instantly, he had no time to be rescued when rescue arrived he was already dead. That was not competing in crack speed, were going to the waterfall Samaritá. Diego had the motorcycle a short time and was not enabled.

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