quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011


Incidents recording by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Present the trooper was qualified above stating that triggered via radio to address the occurrence of trampling on the section indicated. There he found that the victim is dead and his body shattered. Preliminarily found that through the part, called ALDO, he travels across the road towards Immigrants Cubatão to Sao Vicente, which was open to the traffic flow of vehicles and closed the highway for vehicles of Av Manoel de Abreu.

A few meters after the crosswalk Astra vehicle that travels on the right, next to another vehicle on the left, when the pedestrian, the victim now, managed to pass in front of other vehicles that had the left lane, the victim ended up crashing into the side of the vehicle / Astra, reaching the door. With the impact the victim was designed for the left lane when a truck had hit her chest and the victim, all the way through to the wheels over the victim. That the victim died instantly. The driver of the Astra, stopped to render assistance, but can do nothing, while the truck that ran over the victim without having absconded characteristics noted, because it was night, and there was no artificial lighting on site.

The expert
"MAPPY" attended the IC in place with the vtr 0XSD, having made the preliminary examinations. Victim's body removed by the IML/ Santos. To Part of the vehicle released. Victim's body was recognized by his sister that called "ANA" presented document the RG of the victim. Nothing more.

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